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My name is Morgan Huffman and I am the owner of Momoski Art. I am a full time artist/ entrepreneur in Murfreesboro/ TN. I have been painting and marketing my brand everyday for about 10 years now. My passion for painting drives me to create many unique businesses that bring art to all my patrons. I paint portraits, teach paint classes, create original pieces, and the creator of Momoski Art box, a painting at home kit with all supplies included delivered to your door. I have built all of this from trial and errand real life experience. I have no college education and have not attended any type of art school. I am 100% SELF TAUGHT!




Paint Class

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My name is Morgan Huffman, and I am a talented artist based in the Murfreesboro/ Nashville area who strives to provide beauty through art for all my patrons. Momoski Art hopes to expand knowledge and creative expertise across all endeavours. I am committed to providing clients with the best possible experience through artistic expression.


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Paint Class

Each person is $25 at a paint class. You will paint on an 11x14 canvas and your choice of colors. I teach step by step instructions leaving you the freedom to add or take away whatever you like.


Art Box

Can't make a paint class? Social Distancing? Quarentine? Don't worry, all supplies are delivered right to your door! Paint, brushes, canvas, and instructions.



Hand-painted portrait on a 16x20 canvas using acrylic paint. Must make deposit to book. Payment plans are available. The completed portrait will be available for you in about two weeks.